Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where are you now?

I often wonder where my fan is at this moment in time. Some years ago I organised a fan swap on the Yahoo quillers group and this is one I made, inspired by Jane Jenkins design in her book, "Quilling- Techniques and Inspiration". The fan went all the way to the USA.
I used gold paper for the whole design. The centre piece is some scrapbook paper embellished with metallic quilling paper. The tiny flowers on the lattice work are also done with blue metallic paper with yellow centres.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Card for my parents

My parents have just celebrated 60 years of marriage and close family members helped them celebrate last weekend. We all had a wonderful time celebrating with a dinner at Craig's Royal Hotel, Ballarat. The whole week or two has had a series of surprises for them, including a message from the Queen.
This is my card for them. The heart sticker is a Mrs Grossman's one, which I have stored away for such an occasion. On the sticker is a diamond shaped bead. I used metallic quilling paper for all the flowers and foliage.