Tuesday, June 1, 2010

FOR TODAY 1st June 2010
Outside my window I can see fog. A misty start to the day
I am thinking about the things i have to do before I go out.
I am thankful for my heater keeping me warm.
From the kitchen the sound of a kettle boiling, for my coffee
I am wearing black slacks and skivvy to keep warm. I will change later when I go out
I am creating a new quilled card in my craft time but it needs a slight tweek in the design. I may try that out later today.
I am going to a fashion parade and basket luncheon today.

I am reading - more like delving into some books dropped into me yesterday. They are my friend's books. She died from a tumour earlier in the year. She asked her books from her faith journey be given to me and donated to church library.
So I have to sort through them. She said I can keep some if I wish.
I am hearing a sad news report on the radio. A woman has been set alight at a local service station. She has been seriously burnt in an assault. I pray for her and her family and the perpetrator.
I am hoping the situation will end soon.
Around the house the washing is on. The beds are made. The cat is asleep.
One of my favorite things is walking though the autumn leaves and scrunching them with your feet. It reminds me of the plane trees in my Grandmother's street, when I used to visit her. They have the best crunch.
A few plans for the rest of the week: I must make some more soup. I made Potato and Leek last week. I also want to finish off some craft items.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing : A beach with the tide out near the Daintree Tropical North Queensland. We had a holiday there in 2008

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