Saturday, August 28, 2010

Emu crossing

The emu is a very curious bird and has to investigate anything in its territory. If you are in the country and you see a mob of emu, you can make a banging noise and they will come running to investigate. I remember my Dad showing us this once on a trip.
In fact, some of them can become tame if near people all the time, such as in campgrounds. Just beware its sharp beak if you have any food in your hand! You may get a nasty shock.


  1. Cute Emu!and thank on the information on emu.

  2. Great emu, Bronwyn! I love its beady eye!

  3. Hi Bronwyn, thanks very much for your message. Not saying I shall never quill again, but right now it's just not on my radar. Great emu by the way!

  4. I loved your zoo :)
    The animals are so cute!


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