Saturday, October 23, 2010

Two Simple Cards

I have been too busy lately with family matters so I have not made many cards.
But I have to get busy and make some for a craft market in a week's time.
I find simple cards are good to get one into the "groove" again and before you know it the creative brain is thinking of something new to do.

Using some of my scrapbook paper.

I am also working on some Christmas projects which I will post closer to the Festive Season.


  1. Lovely, Bronwyn. I think that when it comes to design, the simple things are often the best. I'm glad to see you're back 'in the groove' with your quilling. Oh, and I'm still looking forward to seeing that quilled wombat sometime ...!

  2. Wow Bronwyn! Your "simple" cards are wonderful! I love the first one with the cut work. Now you've inspired me (I too have been away with family stuff for too long)! Keep up the inspired work!

  3. Thank you for your comments. I appreciate them.

  4. Bronwyn,

    Congratulations for the beautiful work. I love you when, through his art, exposes the Australian flora and fauna.
    Your cards are simply beautiful.
    Thanks for visiting and affectionate comment on my blog.
    A great weekend for you

  5. There was a great work!!
    I use ribbons mainly for a little extra something for my cards and I'm nuts about bows!
    Rene :D

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